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meet OUR team

Welcome to TRU YOU MEDICAL. Our multidisciplinary team is here to help you to achieve a healthy, beautiful body from inside out. We believe that each person who comes through our doors deserves the best care and exceptional service. Our team of highly professional staff will work with you to develop a customized plan that will meet your unique needs.

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Meet Mila



     Ever since I was a kid, I always knew that I will work in the medical field. There was no question in my mind about it. I love science, I love people and I love to make people feel better. Whether it is a physical or a mental wellbeing. I have worked in many different medical areas here in Ottawa. I have worked with patients of different acuity. I have cared for babies and elderly. I had an honour to care for palliative patients. I even worked in the Arctic in Indigenous community for some time.

     However, there was always a very special place in my heart for aesthetic nursing. I love authentic beauty of people and I strongly believe that aesthetic medicine is here not to change us but to enhance and preserve the beauty we already have within us.

Meet Roman



     I have always been fascinated by the human body; namely, by the way it functions and heals. When time came to choose a profession, Massage Therapy was a natural choice for me. It provided me with a wealth of interesting knowledge as well as the opportunity to work with people.

     I've mainly worked in physiotherapy clinic setting and had the opportunity to work with clients of all ages. I got to work with some of the best RMT's and PTs in Ottawa and never missed an opportunity to learn. 

     Every massage therapist has a different 'touch' and different approach. Definitely over the years I have developed my own style. Its an amalgamation of everything that I have learned over 17 years. But at the very core of it is the assessment. To achieve the best possible result we must figure the root of the problem.  My intention is not only to solve the problem but also to show you how you can prevent it from reoccurring in the future.